The Liebster Award 2016

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Wow, it's amazing to receive such an honor from the highly-respected blogger (Sinekdoks / Paskalis Damar). I know my blog is barely an infant in the world of movie blogging and that awesome guy nominated me this award. (The force is too strong with that guy, I can't even help my excitement to get it over. Sorry for this norakness, I feel incredibly happy when Senpai finally noticed me). This is my first experience to be awarded a Liebster, moreover, it came from a movie blogging suhu. 

Receiving this award means that I'm now carrying a holy mission to pass the torch. But before that, I have to answer these interesting questions from Paskalis and get the rules straight :

01. Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you (for my case, here the link is)
02. Tell your readers 11 random facts about yourself (it's not really random, because I had to think multiple times to write something about myself tho, should be someone else who should write this one for me hahah)
03. Ask 11 questions to be answered by those bloggers you nominated (in this part, I'll ask you guys all about movie stuffs, hopefully you wouldn't mind to answer them)
04. Nominate up to 11 other bloggers to receive the award (I'm sorry, I'm still new in this universe so I've decided to nominate the award to non-movie-related bloggers that I befriend, but I guarantee, they love watching movies and have a good sense of it)

It's my move then..

Part 1 : Answering Paskalis' questions

01. Mention your most favorite movie since 2000!
Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers. The second LOTR movie set a new standard of making a sequel. It's the first time for me, a sequel exceeded lot more than I expected.

02. Mention your most favorite movie quote of all time!
"Nasib terbaik adalah tidak pernah dilahirkan. Yang kedua, dilahirkan tapi mati muda. Dan yang tersial adalah yang berumur tua, berbahagialah mereka yang mati muda. Makhluk kecil kembalilah dari tiada ke tiada, berbahagialah dalam ketiadaanmu" - Soe Hok Gie, Gie [2005]. Legend.

03. If The Dark Knight trilogy is included, are you at DC or Marvel?
Marvel rulezz! An epic trilogy still can't beat the three-phased history-making project, right?

04. What’s your most favorite movie sequel ever?
Yep, The Two Towers.

05. If you can make a movie crossover (like The Avengers or Freddy vs. Jason), what movies would that be? And give a title.
It used to be The Ring vs Ju-on, but they have made it already. So, it would be another one. Oke, I'll choose to name the movie "Twinnies". The story will focus on The Twins (The Matrix Reloaded), they were chasing Neo through the matrix world. These identical all-white guys arrived in a creepy Chinese-style apartment when Neo was in a meeting with Seraph, but they eventually came in the wrong building. Knowing that they got in the wrong apartment, they suddenly moved into the next apartment. But before they could get out, the apartment doors closed themselves. They couldn't get out. A strange sound came closer, it was the Rigor Mortis' ghostly twins. The white twins had to fight the ghostly twins in order to get out of the building. Despite the extreme strength the white twins had, the ghostly twins were as swift as the glance of the arrowy lances. Don't you remember? The white twins from The Matrix Reloaded could transform into ghost form too, interesting right? So then, the battle begins.

06. If your life were a movie, who will possibly direct it?
Wes Anderson, because I want a more colorful and symmetric life.

07. If your life were a movie, what's the tittle?
"Wake Up". The plot would be like this : a lazy young adult with tons of bad luck, cursing God and everything in this world over and over, never met his expectation at anything, pretending to be A to be B to be C ... One day, God poked him, one poke to change all the things he had. It's like a wake up call, then he re-organized his life, started the new one, and became a person who close to God. Anyway, he still had a deep love-hate-love bond against God himself, more like a malice, a massive desire to get revenge on. He knew God incredibly well, and God loved him no matter what, he was like a lost sheep to God. One day, he tried to betray God even God had given him everything. Everything, including God's secrets. When he knew what is God's ultimate kryptonite, he decided to end God's existence. God knew, but he is The Almighty after all, so before it's too late, God left him crippled on earth and put a never ending misery on him : immortality. No chances of being deceased was given to him, so later he rotted alive on earth. Rotting alive on earth is even worse than rotting in hell, he thought. He continued his life to hate God while rotting alive, forever. The actor? James McAvoy, it would be a decent movie tho.

08. If you could live in a movie for a week, what movie would you choose to live in?

09. What does your blog's name/title really mean?
It's on the "About" page eheheheh.

10. How would you describe your interaction with your blog's audience? Is it like a teacher to students or what?
The blog is relatively new, so still don't know it yet. But, I prefer it would be like someone who shares his abstract idea to his passionately listenative friend.

11. Now please describe your blog in 3 adjectives!
Pencitraan, Cocksy, Subjective

Part 2 : 11 random facts about myself

01. Extremely skinny.
02. Lemah Lesu Lunglai.
03. Being alone in an angkringan gives me relief.
04. I smoke, a lot.
05. Tea addict.
06. Nongkrong-n-ngobrol are my passion.
07. Takut serangga
08. Prefer to be a generalist kind of person.
09. A pure Milanista.
10. If I were a book, I wish I have no cover instead.
11. Have a girlfriend who actually can read your mind

Part 3 : Questions to fellow bloggers

01. What do you think is the most underrated movie in 21th century? (Film apa yang paling underrated di abad 21 versi kamu?)
02. In your opinion, what are the standards of a good-rated movie? (Menurut kamu, apa yang bikin sebuah film bisa dibilang bagus?)
03. Who are your least favorite actor and actress? (Siapa aktor dan aktris yang menurut kamu paling malesin?)
04. Please tell me a movie that changed your life! (Apa film yang mengubah hidup kamu?)
05. What is the thing do yo prefer to watch the most : ghost movie or a slasher one? (Pilih yang mana : film hantu apa film slasher?)
06. Is there any story (could be a tale/history/book/game/manga/tv show/etc.) out there that need a movie adaptation? (Ada ga cerita dari dongeng/sejarah/buku/game/manga/tv/dll yang sangat layak buat dibikin film?)
07. Beside US, which country that made the largest contribution of producing good movies? (Selain Amrik, negara mana yang paling sering bikin film yang bagus-bagus?)
08. In a 1-10 scale, how much would you rate Batman V Superman? (Menurut kamu, dari 1-10, film Batman v Superman kira-kira enaknya dikasih rating berapa? Jujur!)
09. If there was a movie you wanted to watch so bad and unfortunately wasn't available at any cinema around but was available in a streaming platform with an awful visual quality (like CAM, or HDTS), would you like to watch it right away? (Kamu pengen banget nonton film ini, tapi di bioskop sekitar ga ditayangin, trus tiba-tiba kamu nemu filmnya di web streaming dengan kualitas visual jelek kaya CAM atau HDTS, kamu mau langsung nonton ga?)
10. Which movie do you think has the most devastating ending? (Menurutmu, film apa yang punya ending yang paling ngeselin?)
11. You were about to watch a semi porn movie on a giant screen, but suddenly your parents and your friends came in to give you a birthday surprise. What are the first thing you will probably do? (Kamu lagi mau nonton film semi porno di layar gede, tiba-tiba orang tua sama temen-temenmu masuk kamar ngasih surprise ulang tahun. Apa yang pertama bakal kamu lakuin?)

Part 4 : Bloggers I nominate

Congratulationssss! You are the next 9 unlucky bloggers who are holding the torch!

I know it's been an issue right now for young adults to write something on their personal blog (like we know, we did it constantly when we were younger!), even me myself find it hard to gather how many friends I have who are still actively posting on their blog. Some of you (readers, fellow bloggers, or tagged friends) maybe not writing or even concerning about the topic I brought up here, but let's have some fun with it after all. Don't worry, it's okay not to accept the torch, but it'd be more fun if you accept it and pass it to fellow bloggers. Good luck, the chosen ones!


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